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Our Fabrics Story

Finest Handmade Designs

Our expertise is in creating high fashion handmade fabric designs with unique techniques and great attention to small details. Each handmade design has its own story. First, we draw inspiration from the world's haute couture modern trends, then our expert textile designers bring the idea to a sketch. The process of choosing materials and color combinations is the most exciting part, giving each design its own magic. We always work with high-quality materials; compromising is not an option for us. After finalizing the first swatch, experienced craftsmen begin creating the fabric, all by hand.

Haute Couture Fabrics Sourcing

Whether you are a fashion designer, fashion boutique, textile business, or just a fashion lover looking for high-quality haute couture fabrics and luxury handmade beaded laces - our online store is your ultimate destination. We offer amazing and unique luxury handmade fabrics, so get ready to fall in love.

We aim to be the perfect solution for every fashion designer and lover who wishes to bring exclusivity and uniqueness to their designs with our finest embellished fabrics. We believe that every creation should be one-of-a-kind to stand out in the fashion world.

We understand the difficulties in the process of haute couture fabrics sourcing. Therefore, our store is built to make this process as easy as possible for you so that you can focus on your art.


As part of it, we are glad to offer you FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.