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GlowHigh is the destination where fashion enthusiasts and aspiring designers learn from the world's best, crafting a transformation in both skills and lives. Our mission is crystal clear: to empower and inspire students to unleash their creativity and achieve their dreams through affordable Online Masterclasses—quality education without the burdensome price tag.

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"This program gave me all the insights and everything I needed to create custom dresses for bespoke clients as perfectly as they can be. You are getting firsthand knowledge from a designer who has done it all."

Shawna Marino / Wedding and Bridal designer at Shawna Marino M Designs


"After taking your Masterclass, I feel completely confident that I understand the process from beginning to end. The patterns fit together beautifully; They look exactly like I expect them to look;"

Michael Kannisto / Designer and Dressmaker


"I already have 3 new clients who are willing to pay the prices I deserve"

Julia Couture / Fashion designer and dressmaker


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About Us

Glam House Fabrics

Glam House Fabrics is an online store for couture beaded fabrics that connects with fashion designers and dressmakers from around the world to help them achieve the Masterpieces they dream of.

Our expertise is to create breathtaking & exclusive embellished handmade designs with our unique techniques, finest materials and great attention to the smallest details. We aim to be the perfect solution for every fashion designer, dressmaker, and fashion lover who wishes to bring to his designs exclusivity and uniqueness with our finest embellished fabrics.

We are on a mission to bring to your creations the highest class of the couture world, not only with our fabrics but also with fashion education from Leader couturiers and experts who make dresses to the highest standards. So YOU WILL MASTER YOUR SKILLS and be able to create designs that are One of a Kind & Stand Out in the fashion world.

Got any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us:

[email protected]

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