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Before we dive into corset-making and what are the golden industry tips to consider to create the Perfect Couture Corset for clients.

In today's Masterclass, the leading couturier behind spectacular red carpet dresses, Jehan Mir, is going to dive with you into the ultimate materials and tools guide used by the Top Haute Couture Houses in the world. 

Once you'll have the fundamentals to create bridal couture corsets to the highest standards, you are on the safest path to achieve the highest results for your clients.

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Jehan Mir

Expert couturier who has Made Iconic Gowns for The Top Fashion Houses in the world, Hollywood Celebrities and Red Carpets

After she graduated in Fashion Studies with Honours from The London College of Fashion -at the beginning of her career- And after years of experience, owning her own fashion house and filling Top Position, including: Senior Couturier, Tailor & fitter, Atelier Manager, Creative Pattern cutter and more, at some of The Most Reputable Fashion Houses in this industry, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Christopher Kane, Elizabeth Emanuel, Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang…. And many more.

She has gained a strong knowledge of design, pattern cutting and garment construction, needed for Making bespoke bridal and evening wear from scratch. Specialized in working with different kinds of fabrics including with Appliqué, beading, embellishment and embroidery. And developed a perfect understanding of how clothes should fit the body, accommodating people of all shapes and sizes to satisfy their needs.
With all these skills she's created the finest couture gowns in the highest standards requested by Hollywood celebrities, royalties and A-list clients.

And Now she is Impassioned and Happy to Share All These Precious Knowledge, Indusrty Secrets and Skills with You.

About Us

Glam House Fabrics

Glam House Fabrics is an online store for couture beaded fabrics that connects with fashion designers and dressmakers from around the world to help them achieve the Masterpieces they dream of.

Our expertise is to create breathtaking & exclusive embellished handmade designs with our unique techniques, finest materials and great attention to the smallest details.
We aim to be the perfect solution for every fashion designer, dressmaker, and fashion lover who wishes to bring to his designs exclusivity and uniqueness with our finest embellished fabrics.

We are on a mission to bring to your creations the highest class of the couture world,
not only with our fabrics but also with high fashion education from Leader couturiers and experts who make dresses to the highest standards. So YOU WILL MASTER YOUR SKILLS and start creating designs that are One of a Kind & Stand Out in the high-fashion world.


Crafting a beautiful jacket that actually fits can be a CHALLENGE...
Not anymore! Learn how to create a perfect-fitting women’s jacket from scratch like the ones people pay thousands for in high-end fashion stores with:

The Women's Jacket-Making Masterclass

My Grandma's Master Secrets

All-Inclusive Online Masterclass -
Jacket From Scratch: Construct, Design, Sew!

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Instructed By The Creative Pattern-Maker Queen Who Has Created Fantastic Garments For Top Houses


Crafting a beautiful jacket that actually fits can be a CHALLENGE... Not anymore!
Learn how to create a perfect-fitting women’s jacket from scratch like the ones people pay thousands for in high-end fashion stores with:

The Women's Jacket-Making Masterclass

My Grandma's
Master Secrets

All-Inclusive Online Masterclass -
Jacket From Scratch: Construct, Design, Sew!

80% discount ends when the timer hits zero.


Instructed By The Creative Pattern-Maker Queen Who Has Created Fantastic Garments For Top Houses


Are YOU ready to:

BECOME a jacket-making expert who can make jackets from scratch…
CREATE jackets that fit perfectly no matter who they’re for…
FINALLY make jackets without having to spend weeks fixing mistakes...

Whether you want to grow your business, make more money, or complete the perfect outfit without having to spend crazy amounts of money to buy a jacket…

This Masterclass is for YOU!

It’s The Only Masterclass You’ll Ever Need To Create Stylish Women’s Jackets From Scratch That Fit Perfectly Every Time.

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It used to be that only a few Professional Seamstresses at Top Fashion Houses knew the fundamental building blocks to create the perfectly fitted jacket every single time...

Here’s your chance to learn Master-Seamstress tailored jacket-making skills from a Pattern-Creation Mastermind… all from your very own home.

Here’s what our students have to say…

JOIN US TODAY In The Women's Jacket-Making Masterclass

Discover the best-kept Master Tailor’s secrets to crafting the perfectly-fitted jacket from the Pattern-Making Queen who has designed countless garments for:




Nancy Tauber

The Pattern-Maker Queen Behind Fantastic Garments For Top Houses.

In her impressive 20+ years of experience in the industry, Nancy has worked with some of the world’s most influential fashion houses.

From Burberry to Victoria Beckham to Alexander McQueen and more, Nancy’s creations have been worn and adored by countless celebrities and influential icons all over the world.

Until recently, Nancy’s days were filled with exclusive projects crafting high-quality fitted and tailored jackets for the world’s top fashion houses and their wealthy, influential clientele.

Dive into her journey..

How did Nancy learn her skills and become the Pattern-Making Master?

For years, she dedicated herself to designing and creating some of the most impressive jacket designs ever worn by leading executives, well-known celebrities, and even royalty.

Where did Nancy’s passion for sewing come from?

“My grandmother was always ‘making’. We would use newspaper to cut out shapes, and by evening she would have a base coat and skirt made, plus an apple pie in the oven for me.”

What skills will I learn from Nancy in this Masterclass?

“The formulas I use today are fool-proof. They prevent the need for any large-scale alterations, and minimize the total amount of small revisions.”

The Three BIGGEST Challenges Sewers And Fashion Designers Face When Creating a Jacket From Scratch
(+ Nancy’s Advice on how to avoid them):

The Sleeve

From the cut to the shape of the armhole, sewing a proper sleeve is no easy task. For a truly custom piece, a good seamstress must recognize that

The Collar

Similar to the sleeve, the collar is a truly custom measurement that is different for every wearer. To ensure a proper lay across the chest and collar area, a few key factors

The Lining

The application of the lining is usually one of the last steps in garment creation - but if your piece has fitting issues, a lining will seal in the errors for good. You run the risk of

A Note From Nancy: 

"The truth is I never intended to create this masterclass. However, several of past students who have taken GlowHigh fashion classes reached out to me asking for advice on how to create a women’s jacket. We searched everywhere for a masterclass to recommend to them but could not find one that covers the entire process of making a jacket. Instead of leaving my students empty handed, I decided to collaborate with GlowHigh to create this new masterclass.

Now, you can stop piecing together scattered sources and start crafting jackets like a pro—no theory, just practice. Even the jacket-making classes taught in fashion schools don't go in-depth as this masterclass.. 

What’s Included in This Masterclass, From Nancy Herself:

Craft Women's Jacket to Fit Any Body shape And Size. From Scratch.

  • Lifetime Access to this In-Depth Comprehensive Jacket-Making Masterclass
  • Step-by-step format. Nothing left behind. (Including secrets & practical advice that NO ONE WANTS YOU TO KNOW)
  • 14 All-Inclusive Training Modules. Over 75  on-demand video lessons taught by Nancy. Learn it all from the comfort of your home
  • Bonus materials- Downloadable Key forms, cheat sheets (PDF)
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Language- English
  • Subtitles- English, Spanish

This Masterclass is unlike any other jacket-sewing course!

  • The tailored jacket-making secrets taught in this class are typically only taught to apprentices working for professional seamstresses or for master pattern makers. Until now, the only other place you could learn these skills was by spending $40-80,000+ USD (per year) to master the trade at the world’s top fashion schools.
  • You won’t find this level of in-depth comprehensive knowledge curated for easy online learning anywhere else (simply because of how time-consuming it is to create an online masterclass that is as comprehensive as this). Creating this course cost thousands of dollars & countless hours of Nancy’s time, yet is still sold at such a low price. Nancy & GlowHigh believe it’s more about helping people follow in her footsteps than it is about making money.
  • When you complete this masterclass, you will receive a completion certificate to proudly hang in your sewing room or use to enhance your resume/CV. More importantly, what you learn in this class will help you get more clients and impress others who work in the industry.

This masterclass is the ONLY resource you’ll need to start creating a perfectly fitting Women’s jacket from scratch… GUARANTEED.

We have included dozens of close-up videos and step-by-step Master instructions to get you from start to finish on a perfectly tailored jacket. We guarantee everything in this Masterclass will help you learn jacket-making quickly and easily, or your money back! Every module has been meticulously designed and curated… specifically for sewers and fashion designers who have never created a perfect-fitting jacket before. Nancy will guide you step-by-step so that you have the confidence and skills to create a women’s jacket from scratch with little to no errors.

Who is this Masterclass For?


Intermediate / Advanced At-Home Sewers

with a moderate knowledge of pattern-making, sewing, and garment construction. You’ve mastered other types of garments, but have felt intimidated by the complexity of a jacket’s construction. Or you’ve tried sewing a tailored jacket before, but the garment came out with an undesirable fit and poor finishes (despite several adjustments and alterations). You want to develop the expertise to create or adjust any pattern, design, and sew a dream jacket for yourself or your family. You want to stand up and show off the masterpiece you’ve created using your skills and precision with pride. You long to create fitted or perfectly tailored jackets to fit unique body measurements and shapes that commercial patterns and store-bought items just can’t accommodate.

P1003022_1 (30).JPG__PID:13d97283-9e1b-4dce-ac90-5bfd5f254abd

Professional Seamstresses, dressmakers and Fashionpreneurs

who struggle to get the fit on their handmade tailored jackets just right with the finest finishes, and want to sharpen their skills in jacket-making specifically. Your reputation depends on your ability to create the perfect garment for your clients, whether that’s a fitted jacket, a dress, or a shirt. You can’t do that if you’re constantly dealing with sewing and fitting issues. You’re tired of countless prototypes and the endless cycle of trial-and-error… you’re ready to create the custom-tailored and designed women’s jacket of your client’s dreams and achieve impeccable finishes that rival even the most esteemed fashion houses that will take your business to new heights. Once you master this new skill, your skills will be leagues ahead of your competitors and have the upper hand when offering services to new clients.


THE Making A Real Couture Transparent Corset



Get Lifetime Access to the same Tailored Jacket Making secrets that Nancy learned from her 20+ years in the fashion industry and has used to create jackets for top fashion brands, politicians and even Hollywood actors.

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A Note From Nancy: 

“What sets this masterclass apart is its absolutely impressive appeal. You’ll be learning a skill that very few seamstresses can master! This course is designed to be a must-have in every intermediate/advanced sewing enthusiast's library. I hope you learn TONS of useful information to help you define your career, and further refine your skills.”



Introduction to Women's Tailored Jackets

Dreaming of creating the perfect tailored jacket that embodies the intricate evolution of styles through time? In this captivating module, embark on a journey to turn that vision into a masterpiece. Explore unique tailoring techniques intertwined with fashion's rich and storied tapestry, and draw inspiration from fashion legends to guide your craftsmanship. Regardless of your size or style, this module marks the beginning of your transformative journey, allowing you to craft your unique chapter in the grand story of fashion.


The Ultimate Jacket Materials Guide

In this Module, we're tackling the challenges that come with selecting the right materials head-on, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth. Nancy is here to empower you with the crucial knowledge of essential materials, tools, and equipment for pattern-making and jacket construction. We'll delve into the intricate details of crafting a tailored jacket, covering everything from collars and shoulder pads to linings and trims. With Nancy's guidance, no detail will go unnoticed or unmastered.

Pattern Making from Scratch


The Art of Women’s Jacket Pattern-Making

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of creating impeccable women’s tailored jackets? This module serves as your key to mastering the art of pattern-making, a foundational skill in crafting jackets that fit flawlessly. In this comprehensive overview, Nancy will guide you through the key process of taking measurements accurately from a real human body, ensuring that you have the precise foundation needed for your jacket-making journey. No more guessing or…


Mastering the Art of Pattern-Making: From Scratch to Tailored Body Block

In this module, we delve into the intricate world of pattern-making for women's tailored jackets, starting from scratch. You'll acquire the step-by-step skills to create jacket blocks of any size or shape, whether it's plus-size, petite, or any unique requirement. Bid farewell to the limitations of 


Creating Sleeve Blocks with Precision: Mastering the Art of Tailored Sleeves

Discover the art of crafting impeccable sleeve patterns in this module. Tackling sleeves has long been a dressmaker's challenge, but here, you'll unlock Nancy’s biggest secrets to sleeve-making success. Learn how to…

Design a Versatile Collection

Who says your design options are limited?

In Modules 6-8, we'll empower you to unleash your creativity, learn to create shaping, various collars, vents, facing, and everything you need to elevate your jacket's design. Here's what's included:


Sculpting the Perfect Jacket: Mastering Shaping Techniques


Introduction to Collar Pattern-Making Mastery


Vent and Facing Mastery: Elevate Your Jacket's Back Design


Greetings to the Finest Pockets

In the world of tailored women's jackets, pockets can be a perplexing challenge, shrouded in myths and uncertainties. However, prepare for a transformative experience! Nancy is your guide in dispelling these misconceptions and unveiling a foolproof approach to drafting impeccable pocket patterns.


Finishing the Pattern and Lining

In this module, we empower you with the skills and knowledge to finalize patterns and conquer the challenges of lining in your women's tailored jackets. No more lingering doubts or hesitations surrounding jacket linings, as Nancy simplifies the process, making it accessible and enjoyable.

Sew to the Finest Finishes


Preparation: Setting the Stage for Sewing Success

Ready to bring your jacket to life? Your journey to exceptional jacket-making with the finest finishes commences now, and your future creations will be forever transformed! In the upcoming modules, you'll embark on a transformative journey, 


Sewing Mastery for Tailored Jackets

Are you prepared to embark on the final leg of your journey, where you'll transform your meticulously crafted pattern into a stunning women's tailored jacket that rivals those seen in the most prestigious fashion houses? 

This module provides a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap for sewing and constructing your jacket, including best-kept secrets, advanced tailoring techniques, and industry insights, guiding you from its inception to the creation of a finished masterpiece.

Here's an overview of some key areas we'll address:


Final Touches and Finishings

Finally, we delve into the art of professional-looking finishing, which can be time-consuming and require meticulous attention.

You'll master tailoring techniques, discover invaluable finishing methods, and delve into lining crafting, including advanced sewing techniques, tricks, and industry secrets found nowhere else. 


You've Made It! - Celebrating Your Finished Jacket!

All of this… Plus so much more!

This Masterclass Will Help You Avoid These Common Tailored Jacket-Making Mistakes:

  • Spending hours, days, or even weeks trying to make a tailored jacket fit just right, only to end up with a tight armhole area, awkwardly fitting arm, or a ripped lining. The hours and hours of alterations that follow are soul-crushing.
  • Following a commercial ‘one-size-fits-most’ pattern that is based on old generic measurements, AKA not how real human bodies are shaped!
  • Sewing the pocket wrong or the lining wrong, causing you to have to throw all your work in the trash and start over. This is especially frustrating after you’ve already invested countless hours into your jacket.
  • Lowered confidence when wearing your garments because they never seem to fit quite right. They never look as beautiful as the ones in the stores.
  • Unhappy clients due to the garment not fitting their unique body shapes properly (broad shoulders, long arms, petite sizing, large bust, etc.)
  • Losing business to other seamstresses who already had the jacket-sewing skill you’re lacking. This masterclass will put you ahead of them.

By learning the true art of creating a perfectly tailored women’s jacket with Nancy’s 20+ years of knowledge & expertise at your side…

You can eliminate ALL of these problems.

When You Purchase This Masterclass… 

You’ll INSTANTLY Gain Access to 1 BONUS Shaping Addition, plus 2 Bonus Lessons - Completely FREE! 


Exploring Alternative Front Edge Shaping

Bonus value:$75


Achieving the Perfect Fit - Expert Tips for Fittings on a Live Model!

Bonus value:$112


How to Create A Roll Collar

Bonus value:$124

Nancy’s Tools & Materials Recommendations for This Masterclass: (Not Required)

For pattern-making:
- Pattern Master
- Set square, Rulers
- Tape measure
- Pencil, eraser, pens, pins
- Pattern paper
- Fabric scissors. Paper scissors
- Tracing wheel, Awl

For sewing:
- Sewing machine
- Iron
- Sewing needles, threads
- Machine needles
- Snips

Note: Full list of recommendations will be sent to you upon registration! 

Note: in the Masterclass, you will learn about different types of materials, tools, and equipment. It does not mean you need to buy everything or anything at all. It is just so you will have all this knowledge and will be able to choose the best materials for any of your future projects. You can choose to buy/or not buy the minimum materials and tools needed for your project.



You’ve got 30 days to put our Masterclass to the test

If you have a real passion to make a splash in the fashion world or simply make your own dream garments, but you’re on the fence… Or other courses have left you skeptical… Then WE want to give you EVERY opportunity to put THIS Masterclass into action and experience what it can do with your skills and confidence. And show you that you can start making beautiful jackets without it being a nightmare. 

And we are so confident that if you will implement all the techniques learned, and with practice, you will become successful in jacket-making and you'll be able to take your fashion goals to the next level. That’s why we are giving you a full 30 days to money back grantee. If within this period you are not getting tons of value, or if you feel it is not for you, we will refund your money. You have nothing to lose and a highly-paid, exciting skill to gain.


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