Order samples catalog

Order samples catalog

Planning your exclusive collection has never been easier. If you are working on creating your collection and need to closely examine your desired options to finalize it or custom-make your dresses for your clients and want to let them choose from our beautiful catalog, ordering a sample catalog will be your best option.

The sample catalog contains 10-18 samples of your choice for a smaller fee.

Here's how it works:

Make your first selection from our beautiful online catalog in the comfort of your home. Choose 10-18 fabrics you like the most and want to see them closely for your final selection, and add their samples to your cart. (On the fabric page, just click on "order a sample" to add it to your cart).

Use the coupon code "Samplespack101" at checkout to get a 50% discount, which means you will pay a significantly lower fee for this catalog.

Once you place your discounted order, we will send your chosen samples catalog so you can make the final selection for your collection or for your clients (the standard size of a sample is around 7-10cm x 7-10cm).

*For every sample, use the number reference to see full details and pictures online. (Just insert the SKU number of the sample in the search box on our online store).

Kindly note:

* For handmade designs that are not ready in stock, you can place your order with a small minimum quantity (3-4 meters minimum).

* For handmade designs, in most cases, we will produce them only after we receive the order from you, so you can make any changes in color, design, materials, etc. as you wish with no additional costs (for any change, please let us know at the same time of placing your order, once we start the production changes will not be possible).

* Please note that every handmade fabric sample is always available for order. When you order a fabric that is not in stock, we will create it for you in a time frame of 6-9 weeks approx., depending on the design and quantity. For every chosen fabric, you can send us a picture with a color reference if another color is desired.


Place your order and enjoy luxury and eye-catching handmade fabrics.
For any other design you desire, please send us your references. We are always here to help you achieve your design goals.