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Making The Perfect Beaded Gown Couture Master Course

The REAL Couture Way of Making The Perfect Beaded Gown. STEP-BY-STEP, From Start to Finish. Including Industry Top Couture Sewing Techniques, Best-Kept Secrets, and Finest Working Methods. Fully instructed by the Expert British Couturier, Jehan Mir, Behind Expectacular Dresses for The TOP Fashion Houses IN The World, Celebrities, and Red Carpets.


Who is this course for

  • Absolute beginners- Who have just learned basic sewing and have the passion to learn the best-kept secrets in couture-making and become an EXPERT in a short time. 
  • Advanced- For experienced dressmakers who are not satisfied with their results, and are looking for those industry techniques, tools, and knowledge that will give them speed and accuracy and will take their skills to the next level.
  • Anyone who wants TO LEARN HOW A REAL LUXURY COUTURE DRESS IS MADE in the Biggest Fashion & Haute Couture houses in the world. All that is required is a passion & basic knowledge in sewing and clothing construction. 

What's included 

  • In-depth comprehensive Master Course
  • Format- Step-by-step from start to finish
  • Over 128 on-demand video lessons
  • Extra materials- Key forms, cheat sheets (PDF), exercises, downloadable pdf patterns (+instructions)
  • Language- English

High-hand knoewledge

  • Learn it all from a leading couturier with 20+ years of experience who has made a name for herself and has worked with A-list clients and top houses.
  • Completion certificate 

Here’s Everything You’ll Learn Inside

The Making of The Perfect Beaded Gown Couture 

We will show you the secret techniques used by the top fashion & haute couture houses in this industry, and you can apply them immediately to create any kind of couture dress with CONFIDENCE.. 

The Gown Taught In The Course

Why beaded gowns?

Besides the important factor that beaded gowns are highly demanded by clients but so many dressmakers who don't know the proper techniques of working give up on making them and leave a LOT of money on the table..

Applique work, beading, embroidery, are some of the REAL COUTURE techniques that will differentiate your style, take any couture design you'll make to the next level, and will make your next client so impressed and happy.

Master it, and you'll gain the confidence to create anything you want & STAND OUT in the crowd.

With The Step-by-step format of this Couture-Making Mastery's comprehensive course, you will learn all the exact couture techniques used by the biggest fashion & haute couture houses in the world to make the perfect couture beaded gowns (or any gown), which will give you precision and time saving, and discover the best-kept secrets known by a few top couturiers only. 

Not only that..



Digital and Optitex Couture Dress Pattern

Digital couture dress (made in the course) pattern, in multiple sizes (XS-XL/ 32-50) to print at home + Optitex file of the pattern to print on real size pattern pages. You can use it forever.

You will learn in the course how to download, print at home and attach patterns. And how to adjust any pattern to the client's body measurements. 

Bonus value:


Digital and Optitex Corset +Bodysuit Patterns

Digital couture corset pattern with 2 different sculpt shorts attached, in multiple sizes (XS-XL/ 32-50) to print at home + Optitex file of the pattern to print in real size pattern pages.
This corset will be useful for almost any corset dress you will want to make.

PLUS, bonus of a lycra bodysuit pattern you can use instead of a corset.

Bonus value:


Amazing Discount On The Dress Fabric

25% off on the beaded tulle of the course for students (the fabric is made to order and can be customized in color and materials).

Bonus value:


Permanent Discount On Our Beaded Tulles for 1 Year

Fixed discount of 15% off for 1 year on all of our fabrics (including custom designs) at
(When ordering a minimum of 1 meter fabric, you can only use one discount/promo code per order).

Bonus value:


FROM WORKING with The Most Prestigious Fashion & Haute Couture Houses in The World such as Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Vera Wang and many others… TO making Iconic Evening and Bridal Wear with the finest techniques for Celebrities, Royals and VIP Clients to the Highest Standard.

Jehan Mir

The Couturier Behind Iconic 6 Figure Dresses

She started as a passionate fashion entrepreneur with the goal in mind to achieve the perfect fit of a bespoke garment, as she well understood that this can make every client feel Confident & Alluring.

Jehan was fortunate enough to use her mother's seamstress skills who taught her from a very young age to make her own clothes. Later, she honed her skills at the prestigious London College of Fashion, and continued and mastered her skills while working for British bridal boutiques.

Since then Jehan has established her own Fashion House 'Jehan Couture’; She has made couture garments that are PERFECTLY shaped and fitted to compliment the individual style, colouring and personality of the person it is designed and made for.

And today, 20+ years later, her resume has become like an 'A-list' of Famous Fashion & Haute Couture Houses, Overseas Royalty, Aristocrats, Top Celebrities, as well as Industry Moguls, who she has made luxury dresses for IN THE HIGHEST STANDARD

In the various Top Position she has filled throughout her career, including: Senior Couturier, Tailor & fitter, Atelier Manager, Creative Pattern cutter and more, at some of The Most Reputable Fashion Houses in this industry, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Christopher Kane, Elizabeth Emanuel, Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang…. And many more.

She has gained a strong knowledge of design, pattern cutting and garment construction, needed for Making bespoke bridal and evening wear from scratch. Specialized in working with different kinds of fabrics including Appliqué, beading, embellishment and embroidery. And developed a perfect understanding of how clothes should fit the body, accommodating people of all shapes and sizes to satisfy their needs.
With all these skills she's created the finest couture gowns in the highest standards requested by Hollywood celebrities, royalties and A-list clients 

The Gown Taught In The Course

What you will need for this course (optional)

Basic equipment and tools for sewing

- Sewing machine, hand/machine needles, threads
- Iron and or steamer
- Tape measure and ruler
- Fabric and paper scissors
- Pins
- Pen for marking fabric 

Materials for the beaded dress

-Hammer (for preparing fabric for sewing), plier (optional)
-Beading needle
- 130-135cm width of beaded tulle (or other fabric with similar qualities)- from 83cm to make a mini dress to 4.5-5.5 to make a VERY long hem dress.
- Lining (optional)- Any soft lining material with similar qualities and quantity as the shell of the dress (such as Silk habotai / Satin backed crepe and more)
- Small piece of silk organza- optional for making strips and binding.
- Invisible zipper
- Shoulder pad
- 2-4 small size buttons
- Horse hair (optional) 

The full list with all of the recommendations, quantities, qualities and tips will be sent upon registration.

Note: in the course you will learn about many different types of materials, tools and equipment.
It does not mean you need to buy everything, or anything at all. It is just so you will have all this knowledge and will be able to choose the best materials
for any of your future projects. You can choose to buy/or not buy the minimum materials and tools needed to make the dress and the corset.

Each week on average, you’re losing at least 1,000-20,000$ in potential orders from clients, that you drop off just because they want a beaded gown that you don’t feel confident enough to make, or just don’t have enough time for any additional projects due to wasted time with the non-ideal gown making techniques...

With the amazing offer today, you can learn how to make a beaded gown from start to finish using the same quality standards as the top fashion & haute couture houses, then instantly implement all of the techniques into your other projects. All this instruction could potentially save you hours of wasted time on trials and errors which are equally uncountable and costly. Can you see all the positives in having confidence in your technical abilities?

And... even if you only have basic knowledge in sewing but lack the technical skills needed to make evening and bridal gowns for clients—this Master Course is your chance to acquire advanced techniques and start your own high-fashion business.